Thursday, April 25, 2013

Thoughts for Thursday #13: Cocoons probably Stink

Today's Thoughts for Thursday is actually a re-post from 2010. I had just graduated from college. One of my best friends sent me an email detailing her concerns about the future. The uncertainty. The doubt. It's a lot to handle. But this was my response to her....


Just think of all the times in your life when you have had to transition. Like when you had to learn how to walk. I'm not sure if you remember, but I can imagine that it was awkward. Up until that point, you were probably comfortable crawling around or being held in the arms of Grady and Cynthia [her parents]. But they had to stop carrying your heavy self. So you learned to put one foot first. And you probably fell down a few times. But eventually you were walking- and the world was a different place from that point on. 

If it would help to think of an external entity, consider a butterfly. At first, it is a slimy, hairy caterpillar confined to a life of dirt and leaves. Then, somehow (sorry, I didn't pay attention to the details in bio class) it transitions to life in a dirty cocoon. I'm sure it's uncomfortable. No one notices it. It's just wrapped up and secluded. No job. No activities. Then, one day that fool crawls out and flies away. People admire its beauty. People marvel at how freely it glides through the air- with purpose, with conviction. Have you ever tried to catch a butterfly? You can't even touch it.

Transition is a period of uncertainty. It's unsettling and uncomfortable. Take comfort in knowing that its also a temporary period. As cliche as it sounds...there IS a light at the end of the tunnel...and yours is bright.

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  1. i love this!! i'll be posting about transitioning soon as I prepare to graduate, ah!! :)

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