Thursday, August 15, 2013

Racial & Gender Profiling: Stop Acting like it doesn't exist

I came across a clip from "What would you Do?," a show that conducts social experiments.  The sketch revolves around 3 people (actors)...a white teen boy, a black teen boy, and an attractive white female. Each of them is blatantly attempting to steal a bike in broad day light. Even when asked, all of the actors confess that the bike does not belong to them.

I'm sure you can guess what happens even if you have not yet watched the short clip.
But, just in case you can't (because you live in a box).....

No, I'm not angry at all. No, I'm not surprised or shocked or in an uproar. No, I'm not about to get all "they always tryin to keep a black man down." Because I have accepted the fact that this happens. George Zimmerman. Everyone is subject to it. I mean, even the Black passersby gave the White young man the benefit of the doubt.

My problem is that people ACT like it doesn't happen. I wish they would have interviewed the people who blew the whistle on the black kid. I'm almost positive they would have said "I would have called the police if it was anyone..."  Yeah.  Right. 
George Zimmerman.

It's fact. We are judged and we judge others by appearance. This includes everything from the way we dress to our attractiveness, gender, and even skin color. Whether you suppress this judgement in your subconscious or allow it to influence your thoughts and actions, it exists.

The next time someones says they've never judged someone's appearance, Slap Them.
George Zimmerman.

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  1. this is a sad will be a hard issue to tackle

  2. The study was an eye opener for some; subconsciously we are led to believe " Race and Gender Profiling " even " Age Profiling" do not exist today; when in actuality they do. The problem is, society, backed by media, have created a stigma that fuels these notions. The presumption that " African American Males" are more than likely to be involved with criminality and wrongdoing is unfounded and ludicrous; yet, media portray these images are accurate and society feeds into that.
    I will share this story, I went to a store in Minnesota, with my Father in Law and In-laws, attempting to buy shoes in August of last year, I had on me, my Off-duty Firearm, concealed on my person; which I take with me sometimes, especially after a wave of gunmen attacking random people; Colorado Theater, Temple in Wisconsin, and a few places. I was seated, and trying on my shoes, the " White Cashier" at the store, standing over me, noticed the protrusion of the handgrip from my "Off-Duty weapon", concealed underneath my shirt, she made no comment to me, never said a word, I got up, Purchased the shoes and exited the Store, the Only store I entered.
    On my way out, as I approached the doors, that led to the Parking lot, I noticed, Officers in front on me, then I heard the order to stop from behind me, as I turned, I noticed several officers, approximately 8, all armed, hands on their holsters, and then a plain clothes detective approached me, he said and I quote, " we received a called from the shoes store, that several " Black Men" were in the Mall, and one of them in a red-shirt, had a gun, and they looked suspicious"
    I wasn't shocked, but I was terrified, I realized how close I came to being wrongfully stigmatized, that could have probably cost my life. I stood there, with the shoes in the bag, by then all my In-laws were separated, each being interviewed by 2 Officers. I had three Officers on me by then, the entire Mall came to a temporary standstill, onlookers gazing at what they suspected to have been a drug bust or something.
    I asked the Lady Officer, next to me, to reach to my back, and maintain control of my weapon, as I reach in my pocket, I didn't want to make any mistake and leave my wife a widow, simply because I was getting my wallet and an Officer thought otherwise; ( Diallo, Sean Bell, Trayvonn) the officer did, I got my wallet, then showed them, my badge as a Law Enforcement Officer, my Off-duty Conceal carry permit, my work and state ID Card. They were shocked, amazed and embarrassed. They apologized and we were temporarily free to go, I wanted to return the shoes and explain to the Cashiers but my Father in Law, just asked that I leave it alone.
    I tell the story because, our society have generalized African Americans as being predators, and it goes beyond our imagination. Nice One Sister, have a blessed day!

  3. The video was interesting but this is the truth. People act as if this doesnt happen so they choose to ignore it, which is the problem.


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