Friday, September 6, 2013

22 Things I've done in my first 2 Weeks of Grad School

I've officially completed 2 weeks of grad school! It seems more like 2 months and it's taken a while to adjust to the life of being a student again. Here's a list of 22 things I've done so far:

I HAVE.....

1. read a lot
2. made 3 new friends (there are only 4 people in my cohort, including myself-all women)
3. gotten lost on campus and acted like I KNEW exactly where I was going (like a boss)

4. gotten a $25 parking ticket
5. attended 8 classes, 1 seminar, and 2 lab meetings
6. never been late to class (even parked illegally so I could get to class on time...see #4)
7. read a lot
8. looked like this during Stats class 
9. taken Tylenol to ease the headaches I incurred after Stats class
10. gone running almost every morning (great stress relief from Stats class)
11. read a lot
12. questioned my decision to go to Grad school
13. reassured myself that I made the right decision
14. re-read the same sentence or paragraph 27 times (and still didn't understand)
15. made this face during Stats class
16. taken 6 quizzes (yes, already)
17. read a lot
18. spent hours reading in coffee shops & cafes (shout outs to Starbucks and Panera Bread!)
19. read a lot
20. Called on JESUS...before class, during class, after class, and especially while reading for Stats class
21. learned about an exciting project that I will work on in my lab later this year!
22. perfected the art of skimming, highlighting, and extracting meaningful points upon which to expound when the professor says "What did you think about that article?" 

Conclusion: Graduate school requires lots of reading and Statistics is the devil. But, if you call on Jesus, everything will be okay. Lol...I'm in for a bumpy ride, which is fine because I'm ready...i think........ Jesus?

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  1. I'm glad I'm not the only one. I swear that I'm having the same experience, but my devil is Anatomy & Physiology!

  2. Lol....I started my first week of grad school last week. It's not so bad YET, but you've definitely scared me. I know they are going to make us read till our eyeballs fall out :-( What is your major?

    1. Oh cool! I'm doing a doctoral program in Developmental Psychology. You? True, our eyes will fall out. But when I'm done, I should be able to buy new eyes. LOL.

  3. You guys can do it!!! It will be okay!!! Pray (and I mean PRAY) at every waking moment. Smokie Norful's Pandora Station is literally Jesus' jukebox. Tears will be shed, hair will fall out and you will question your sanity multiple times (especially while missing your paycheck) but in the end, you will learn so much about your ability to persevere and be that much stronger!! Call me if you ever need any coping mechanisms or stats help!! Love ya ladies!!

  4. WOW. This made me LOL. What are you studying?

    1. Thanks! I'm in a doctoral program for developmental psychology

  5. This cracked me up! Hang in there, Yen. You know you're there for a reason <3

  6. Hilarious! Called on Jesus before, during, and after class lol!


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