Thursday, December 6, 2012

25 Before 25

I turn 24 in February, so I'll have 1 year and 2 months to complete this list! 

1. learn how to crochet
Gotta make sure I look way hotter than this while doing it though.

2. crochet a blanket
3. teach someone how to crochet 
(preferably an unlikely candidate, such as a 6'4" football player or a 7 year old child)
4. go on a hike
5. learn how to swim (don't judge me)
6. complete another 1/2 marathon (under 3 hours this time)
7. taste 5 "new" kinds of food
8. read 25 books
9. travel outside of the country 
10. improve my Spanish
11. make a point to watch the sun rise or set as often as possible
12. go on a spontaneous weekend vacay
13. start pursuing another degree
14. take myself out on a date
15. paint a masterpiece and hang it up in my home
16. help someone have a revelation
17. do something that scares me
I know this sounds weird, but let me explain. In essence, I want to do something that I know makes me uncomfortable because it is in this space that one can truly grow. Too much comfortability breeds complacency and that is not a space that I'd like to be. So...bring on the challenge!
18. make a 3-course meal COMPLETELY from scratch
19. get a really nice camera and become a self-proclaimed photographer
20. donate blood
This one is very important to me. I've tried before but my iron count was too low. So bring on the spinach....and the needles. YIPES!
21. go zip lining
22. volunteer more often
23. ride a horse 
24. submit at least 1 story to Chicken Soup for the Soul 
This should be easy. The real goal here is to have it be published
25. Plan an out-of-this-world super amazing fantastic wonderful 25th birthday celebration!

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  1. I love it has me wanting to make my own 30 b4 30...i hope u get to accomplish the whole thing in a year...


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