Monday, August 26, 2013

Finally Posted Pics from China

It's taken me a little while (okay, a month) but I FINALLY posted pictures on Facebook from my trip to China! There were so many pictures, I separated them into 3 albums. Click on the pictures below for access to each album

The Great Wall

Fine China

More from China

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Racial & Gender Profiling: Stop Acting like it doesn't exist

I came across a clip from "What would you Do?," a show that conducts social experiments.  The sketch revolves around 3 people (actors)...a white teen boy, a black teen boy, and an attractive white female. Each of them is blatantly attempting to steal a bike in broad day light. Even when asked, all of the actors confess that the bike does not belong to them.

I'm sure you can guess what happens even if you have not yet watched the short clip.
But, just in case you can't (because you live in a box).....

No, I'm not angry at all. No, I'm not surprised or shocked or in an uproar. No, I'm not about to get all "they always tryin to keep a black man down." Because I have accepted the fact that this happens. George Zimmerman. Everyone is subject to it. I mean, even the Black passersby gave the White young man the benefit of the doubt.

My problem is that people ACT like it doesn't happen. I wish they would have interviewed the people who blew the whistle on the black kid. I'm almost positive they would have said "I would have called the police if it was anyone..."  Yeah.  Right. 
George Zimmerman.

It's fact. We are judged and we judge others by appearance. This includes everything from the way we dress to our attractiveness, gender, and even skin color. Whether you suppress this judgement in your subconscious or allow it to influence your thoughts and actions, it exists.

The next time someones says they've never judged someone's appearance, Slap Them.
George Zimmerman.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

LIfe is a Daring Adventure

Currently on a plane back to Atlanta.

I know it was a heaping 2 months, but it seemed like my summer vacation just flew by before my very eyes. This was the first summer, in a long time, that I didn't work....AT ALL! I don't regret a single minute of it. I truly had a blast in NYC, China, & California. One of the best summer vacations I've ever had.

When people ask me why I went to China (solo), in my mind, my immediate response is 
"Why not?"
I'm young and curious and I'm not going to take that for granted. I never want to wake up one day and say "I wish I would have...." or "I should have....."

I absolutely LOVE this quote.  Might be my new personal philosophy. It's so unforgiving. So unapologetic. Adventurous experiences can shape a person. It gives you new perspectives. It changes you for the better. So...I'll continue to grab life by the horns and you can continue to stay tuned. Or join in. Your call.

On another note, I start my PhD program at Georgia State in 2 weeks. I'm excited, nervous, a little anxious, but definitely ready to embark on this new chapter in my life.

PS: I'll be posting more pictures from soon as I find the cord that connects the camera to my laptop. 
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